3D Printing

Specialized in industrial grade solution
Parts shipped as fast as 1 day
Wide range of plastic materials

3D Printing

Bright offers 3D printed plastic parts with the low cost that shipped in 1~5 days, 3D printing enables businesses for highly customizable, rapidly manufacturing with excellent value for prototypes and low volume production runs without any tooling or setup costs.

Why 3D Printing with Bright?

Complete solutions

Make the Integrated solution according to customer’s needs, optimize cost performance, Maximize customer benefit.

One stop printing services

Offers a wind range of surface finishing for all product, From sandblasting and clear coating to custom painting.

Data security system

We have a strict data security system, but if it is necessary, we’re willing to sign the Non-disclosure agreement with you.

3D Printing Advantages

3D Printing Materials

Plastic: Nylon PA12, Glass-Filled PA12, Flexible PEBA, ABS, ABS-like

Resin: VeroWhite, VeroClear, Rubber-like, Rigid Polyurethane (RPU), Elastomeric Polyurethane (EPU)

Application for 3D Printing

Prototypes:Patterns, functional prototyping, Low-cost rapid prototyping
Models: Basic proof-of-concept models, architecture models
Production: Short-run, bridge, custom manufacturing

3D Printing Technical Details

Maximum Size: 880*800*390mm
Minimum wall thickness: 1.5mm(SLA) 0.8mm(FDM)
The Accuracy: ±0.1mm/100mm
Resolution: 0.05~0.4mm

Industry and Application

Medical Device
Electronic Product
Consumer Product