What We Capable of

Materials Types

We are capable of working in a wide range of materials, in a broad range of shapes and sizes. choosing the appropriate materials for each product is essential to ensure proper functionality, and the materials will determine what manufacturing process you can use. Some of the materials that we work with include:
Technologies Materials available Properties Type of materials
CNC Machining Aluminum Light weight, high strength 6061,6063,7075 etc
Stainless Steel High Strength, Low magnetic permeability 303,304,316,
Steel Great formability and durability
Brass low-friction, soft, non-ferrous
Bronze low friction, highly ductile
Copper Excellent heat conductivity, Non-magnetic
Carbon Fibre high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, 1045
Plastics low cost, easy to manufacture, durable ABS, POM, Acrylic etc
3D Printing Nylon PA12 Low water absorbing nylon, Good chemical resistance Nylon PA12
Glass-Filled PA12 high thermal resistance, long-term wear resistance Glass-Filled PA12
Flexible PEBA high-performance, thermoplastic elastomer Flexible PEBA
Resin Excellent electrical insulation, water-resistance, chemical resistance
Vacuum Casting ABS High rigidity, good impact resistance, good insulating
POM High strength, rigidity and toughness
Acrylic, Elastomers Excellent clarity, lightweight, good impact resistance
Elastomers resilience, flexibility
Nylon Light weight, high tensile strength 30% GLASS FILLED
Polypropylene Semi-rigid, translucent. good chemical resistance
Sheet Metal Fabrication Steel Stainless corrosion resistance, hard to rust SUS304, SUS430 etc
Spring Steel corrosion resistance, hard to rust SUP
Aluminum Light weight, high strength A1050,A5052,A2014 etc
Copper Excellent heat conductivity, Non-magnetic C1100,C2600,C5212
Cold Rolled sheet, SPCC good mechanical properties SPCC, SPCD, SPCE
Hot Rolled sheet, SECC good in processability SPHC, SPHD, SPHE
Galvanized sheet Metal SGCC thick plating layer, high corrosion resistance SECC, SEHC, SEHD, SEHE, SECE