Vacuum Casting,


We use 3D printing to create the master patterns for silicone mold-making, so you can have tooling in weeks, not months. Because vacuum casting is so good at rendering fine details, it can easily reproduce custom finishes, saving time and money.
In the early stages of design when you expect things to change, you are looking to produce minimum quantities. An effective prototype will highlight errors or prompt alternative solutions. When looking at the options for producing a small batch of plastic parts, the Vacuum Casting is an ideal process to get the high-quality plastic part with shorter lead time and lower cost.

Materials Available for Vacuum Casting

Available for a wide range of materials selection, we can cast your parts in many grades of plastic material including PP, ABS, PC, Acrylic, POM, Rubber, Transparent Rubber etc.
Bright Prototypes is a professional rapid prototyping manufacturer delivering high-quality prototype parts in fast turnaround times.
We offer vacuum casting instant quoting and ordering. We also offer CNC machining and milling & turning, 3D printing and sheet metal fabrication services.
Vacuum casted electronic plastic housings